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Japanese themed game assets for making roguelite survivor games similar to Vampire Survivor.  Enemies in this set are Yokai (supernatural entities and spirits in Japanese folklore)

As roguelite survivor / bullet hell games tend to have a lot of enemies and projectiles on screen, animation for each character are kept simple.

Asset Contents

2 x Characters (32 pixels)

  • ninja (male & female) with idle and running animation (6 frames each)

10 x Enemies (4 to 6 frames, varies from 24 to 48 pixels in size)

  • Yuki Onna (snow woman)
  • Kappa (reptiloid creature)
  • Karakasa (umbrella)
  • Floating Hanoko
  • Lantern
  • Hitotsume-kozō (one eye boy)
  • Nekomata (cat spirit)
  • Tengu (celestial being)
  • Daikon (turnip)
  • Fire Spirit

5 x Weapons and Icons

  • katana (slash attack 3 frames)
  • kunai
  • shuriken
  • fan
  • bomb (3 frames)

1 x Effects

  • explosion (6 frames)


You can

  • edit, modify and use the assets in both commercial and non-commercial products.

You cannot

  • resell or distribute the assets (even if they are modified)

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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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hello, do u plan to release this grass tileset that shows in the image?

Sorry, not at the moment.