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Pixel Spaceships Lite is a free asset pack containing 7 ships taken from my Pixel Art Spaceships for SHMUP asset pack. 

Feel free to use them in your game projects, both non-commercial and commercial.

You may not redistribute or resell this asset. 

Credits are not required but appreciated.  

More info - Asset License

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Tags16-bit, 2D, Arcade, free, Futuristic, planes, Shoot 'Em Up, spaceships, Top down shooter


Pixel-Spaceships-Lite.zip 12 kB

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have you considered making a lite version of your 2d ships? just a suggestion I was just curious

Do you mean the sidescroller ships?

yeah does

sorry i replied late


could you add tilting sprites for each ship. sorry if this was a little strange to ask :(

I might consider adding that in the future but not at the moment sorry. 

even without it your sprites are still amazing 


Thanks, man! it is a really amazing pack.

Welcome :)

omg man this is so good thank you so much