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Pixel House Interior asset pack is great for making the ideal house or apartment scene for your games. Base size is 32 x 32 pixels. 


  • 2 x characters (male, female with walking animation)

Interior Items

  • over 120+ objects for living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. 
  • some objects like fridges, cabinets or dressers have opened 'doors' and 'drawers' version. 
  • Update Dec 2023 - Added some Christmas decorations sprites. 

File Formats Included

  •  ASE (Aseprite)
  •  PNG 

Asset License
Please check out this link for the asset license. 

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GenreRole Playing
Tags16-bit, 2D, Animation, chibi, furniture, interior, kitchen, Pixel Art, Top-Down


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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pixel_house_interior_1.6.1.zip 337 kB

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sorry if i annoying you with my questions ;) but i have enother one. The Character animation is for running or walking?

Hello. The character animation is walking :)

Hi, Today i bought your pixel house assets and i liked it a lot, but i have some questions to make about the placement. 

Hi sorry for the late reply. Anything I can help?

I,m working on a project and i use your assets and i wonder if have misplaced some of them in a way that does mot makes sense. So can i send you some photos somewhere private. Plus I"m not sure how to put the doors correctly 

Feel free to send me an email over at livingtheindie[a]gmail.com

great! thnx 


Hi, I'd like to say thank you for these assets!      

I used it to create my portfolio website     https://www.vlad-smirnov.dev

Wow that looks really cool! Never thought of using pixel art to create resume :D

Great work! Was the perfect style for a short project we had.

Thank you!

Do you happen to have a larger file or vector version? I'm hoping to make a game that would need them to be larger.

(1 edit)

Hi Mike. Unfortunately I don't. For pixel art you can easily enlarge them without losing any details by using graphic editing software like Photoshop or you can also scale them up by multiples of 2 using the game engine.

Thanks. I figured it out :) BTW, here is a little video of the start of the game I'm making using your 8bit assets for a game programming class I'm taking.


Nice! Thanks for sharing

(1 edit)

It's beautiful ! I would like to use in a gamejam , it's possible ? What colour palette do you use for aseprite, i would like to continue in order to draw cat and dog characters :) ? Thank you ! 

Thank you! My assets can be used for both commercial and non commercial products. As for the palette I used this one with a few mix of my own https://lospec.com/palette-list/juice-56

Yeah thank you !! I hope i will achieve something nice with this gamejam ^^ The assets are already very cool thanks to you :) 

Welcome. Would love to see what you have done with the gamejam :)

Hey DyLestorm

Love your work on the Pixel Kitchen Set.

Is there any way to contact you via email ? We are working on a project right now and we might found us in need of some new assets like these in the next 2-3 months.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Hi Haykys

Thank you for the nice feedback. You can email me over at dylestorm [ at ] gmail.com.