Update 1.5.2 New Enemy Designs

Not too long ago I've received some feedback that the enemies in this pack felt like an afterthought.  For this update almost all the enemy ships have been redesigned. I gave them duller colors to differentiate them from the regular ships.

Let me know if this is a good direction. If yes I will continue to add similar enemy designs in the coming months. 



Pixel_SideScroller_Spaceships_v1.5.2.zip 252 kB
Jul 15, 2022

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tbh I liked the bright colors more. I don´t like this. Since I bought this is it somehow possible to the the pre- 1.5.2. updated files to download? I only can download the lastest files... :(

Hi,  I enabled the previous version to download. Let me know if it works. I will add the old ones back in the next update. 

Thank you. Worked perfectly.

Great update, as always. Thank you! :)

Welcome :)