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Hey, I bought your assets and used them in a tech demo and I just wanted to share it out here for anyone interested.


Looks great! :)

These are so cool! Do you have plans for some projectiles or a separate super projectiles pack?


Thanks! Unfortunately for the time being there are no immediate plans yet for a projectiles pack.

No worries! Thanks for all the amazing work :) Making a small classic vertical shooter with your ships now, so fun!

Wow! Amazing new boss! Thank you!!!! :)


Does this include the background?

No it doesn't. The red space background I created isn't tiled so can't be used as a scrolling scene.

Excellent work dude, this is exactly what I was looking for.


Hi again. I made this game using your assets. Let me know what you think!

Hi and thanks for sharing. The game is looking good! One feedback I would like to give is to set a small delay for the bullet firing sound effect. Right now when I left click, I only hear buzzing sounds haha. 

good night, do you think that the player's ship shots work with enemies?

Hi. Do you mean using the player bullets on enemies? It should. 

Hi, I already bought the enemy and player ships pack. My doubt is that the enemy pack doesn't have the bullets for them to use, are the bullets in the player's pack "good" for the enemies to shoot?

Yes the bullets are good for enemies to use. 

Incentive applied double 🤝

Oh wow! Thank you so much!

Thanks for adding bosses, I will make a donation to encourage your work. If you think about making updates to this pack, give priority to bosses and mini-bosses. Thank you again.

Will do. Thanks!

Thanks for the amazing assets, looking forward for more of your work!
If you don't mind suggestions: bosses and background elements would be awesome to have alongside what you already put out :)

Thanks! Bosses are definitely the highest requested asset at the moment. Hopefully I can work them out soon.

Hello, BOSS AND SPATIAL SCENARIOS (BACKGROUND), is there any possibility of purchase?


Hi, I have yet to create any boss or backgrounds for the top-down view.

Do you have plans to create some bosses? Funds are easy for me to settle. Now bosses I can't.


I have plans but wouldn't be complete anytime soon. 

Yes, I'm happy. I'll be waiting to make the purchase. If possible you can release a pack containing bosses and with time you will update with some more. Without boss it is not possible to complete the game. Thanks for your attention 👏👏👏

Please create an animated enemies pack. I will purchase as soon as I launch... Congratulations for your work.

Hello! Can you please update the pack on gamedevmarket as well ? Thanks!

Replied to your email :)

Hello Friend!! It’s the third package you got, I’m on my mobile project and it’s getting great. As soon as I finish, I'll let you know .. Thankful for your products .. Text translated by Google translator

Thank you! Looking forward to it :)

can you send the link for whatever you've made with this to me? i'd love to check it out!

Hi, I have not made a game with these assets yet myself