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Cool ships! A small suggestion that could make them even more versatile: an extra frame for each state of each ship (default/left/right/hard left/hard right) that has no thruster exhaust. That way, in a game, the exhaust can be dynamic & when the ship is decelerating, it can disappear.

Thanks for the feedback :) Will add those in the next time I update.

Love the assets! Could you add the full spin for other ships as well? I want to do a two-player game and have them both spin, but the ships I want to use don't have these animation frames

Hi it’s definitely on my list to do but unfortunately I’m a bit busy this couple of weeks. May I ask which ships were you thinking of using? I could probably update those first.

Thank you so much for the quick reply!
I am considering planes 03 and 07 (green and silver+blue, respectively); would be awesome if you had the time to do them! :)

Alrighty. I will see what I can do.

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Update plz your assets in unity store.

I see there only version 1.1

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I started uploading late at Unity hence the lower version number but I can see it causing confusion. Will be pushing an update very soon. Thanks!

Do you think it's possible to create a background package. City, sea, land and space?

Been meaning to work on it. Hopefully soon. 

Fantastic resource pack!

I'm working on an unofficial "sequel" to Asteroids with it: Adrift by Dabby Media (

Awesome! Thanks for sharing

Thanks in advance, if not possible. My suggestion for your update packages would be backgrounds.

Hi, congratulations for the work. I would like to know, if it is possible to create a unique ship for my project. If possible, what would be the value. I would like a ship similar to the R-Gray 0 from the Rayforce game.

Hi. If I'm understanding you correctly, you want to create a ship by mixing and matching various parts (cockpit, wings, body etc) to create a new design? Unfortunately it isn't possible with this asset pack as the ships are made whole due to the animations. 

However feel free to modify them to suit your needs. 

And thanks for your suggestions on adding backgrounds.

I don't want to combine parts as you mentioned. What I would like is a new ship, complete and lively. So that it's exclusive to my game. I'm willing to buy. I wanted a ship similar to the R-Gray 0 from the Rayforce game. I thank you for your attention.

Ah ok. My apologies for the misunderstanding. I used to do custom ship designs in the past but due to my current schedule it's no longer possible. 

I want to buy if not possible. Thanks in the same way.. I also want to leave a suggestion, if possible to create animated enemy. In the enemy pack, any enemy that is spinning around itself.

hi, i already bought the package, i would like to know if you have this background of the images and if you can put it in the package?

Hi are you referring to the blue space background?


Just pushed a quick update, 1.5.1. Includes the space background and some asteroids.

Do note that the background isn't tiled. My next update plan is to add some proper backgrounds.

Thank you

could create an explosion for bomb, when exercising a special.

You mean like a large explosion?

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Yes, just like in Raiden or Viper Phase 1 game, where you can drop a bomb causing more damage to enemies and clearing the screen

Sure I can try to work something out. Thanks for the suggestion.

Waiting for this possible bomb. In 2022, it would be possible to create a pack containing only bosses. I've already bought all your packs and I need bosses for the game. A pack containing bosses that I will buy as soon as it is released. Thank you in advance 🤝

Most likely I will work on the explosions next week. I want to add in at least 2 large explosion types. 

Thanks for the bosses suggestions :)


Added the large explosion sprite animation in the latest update. 

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Great! Thank you very much for the version 1.4 update. Power ups icons and animated  proyectiles are what I needed :)

Welcome! :)

any promotion soon?

Yeap will be having a Black Friday sale soon

I'm looking to buy this pack and the enemy pack, can't you put them together so I can make only one purchase?

Sorry, unfortunately I can't do that. Do look forward to the sale as all my assets will be discounted. :)

When are you doing the sale? I will buy a couple of your assets if you do.

The sale will be on by next week (23rd November)

Hello, I just purchased your products ..

When I have a demo of my project, I want to make a video and play it on YouTube, I would like you to see it.

Messages translated by Google, thanks 👍🏻

Sure. Would love to see it. 

Hello! Your ships are great! I miss more animated ítems with letters (powerups). Thank you!

Thank you. Animated items is something to consider about :)

Just bought these cool ships. Do you do custom commissions by any chance?

Hi wifflewapple. Sorry for the late reply, I didn't notice you posted a comment. Yes I do actually. Feel free to email me here : dylestorm [at] gmail dot com.