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Great! Thank you very much for the version 1.4 update. Power ups icons and animated  proyectiles are what I needed :)

Welcome! :)

any promotion soon?

Yeap will be having a Black Friday sale soon

I'm looking to buy this pack and the enemy pack, can't you put them together so I can make only one purchase?

Sorry, unfortunately I can't do that. Do look forward to the sale as all my assets will be discounted. :)

When are you doing the sale? I will buy a couple of your assets if you do.

The sale will be on by next week (23rd November)

Hello, I just purchased your products ..

When I have a demo of my project, I want to make a video and play it on YouTube, I would like you to see it.

Messages translated by Google, thanks 👍🏻

Sure. Would love to see it. 

Hello! Your ships are great! I miss more animated ítems with letters (powerups). Thank you!

Thank you. Animated items is something to consider about :)

Just bought these cool ships. Do you do custom commissions by any chance?

Hi wifflewapple. Sorry for the late reply, I didn't notice you posted a comment. Yes I do actually. Feel free to email me here : dylestorm [at] gmail dot com.